Zor se Bolo “I love you”

So, Hindu Mahasabha states ‘say I love you on Social Media and we will get you married’

Ye love marriage karne ka badiya chance hai boss. I say sahi time hai, shaadi karlo. Full swast, mast, tikav.

But then hey, isn’t that also a good opportunity to trick someone into marrying you? Force marriage bhi validate kar degi.

I’m curious, the I love you applies to every situation right?

So here’s my list:
I love you Narendra Modi (I’m not supposed to say that?)
I love you Shahrukh Khan (I want all your wealth)
I love you Virat Kohli (Trust me I’m hotter than Anushka Sharma)
I love you Barack Obama (Power is a big turn on)
I love you Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor, Karan Johar (So what if these stupid groups hate you now, after they read my post they’ll hate me too. Match made in heaven noh?)
I love you *add a girls name* (Toh ab section 377 abolish?)
I love you Mom and Dad (Mom is the world’s best cook and Dad is my superhero. Shaadi toh banti hai na?)

And it goes on..
But here’s the more important question , ‘Am I allowed these many marriages?’ Ab usme bhi problem hoga. Lo bolo. Kare toh bhi kya?

Why you wear your chutiyapanti on your sleeve? Ab humre Tommy ko bhi I love you nahi bol sake hai ka?

Actually problem hamari hai. Stupidity ko toh hum hi breed kar rahe hai na?

I’m a student of journalism myself and honestly, the last couple of days have hurt me tremendously. I wonder why in a country that hosted Obama just the other day do we encourage little known outfits, make them some ‘Indian culture’ gurus by publishing statements that they make only as their claim to fame.

Are we better off than our ancestors? Of course not. Coz we maybe progressing into a modern India on paper but in thought we are only headed backwards.

Since we have nothing better to do, we make smaller, less important issues national stories. Actually, me bhi stupid hu. The fact that I am writing about it gives them even greater mileage.

But this time I want to talk and let these ridiculous outfits know that I love them all and I am waiting to spend the rest of my life with them. This country has nothing left for me, so if I have to deal with stupidity all my life, why not marry one too ?

I think the only way to shut people up is to defy them. Be the change. Dhinchak will be on an I love you spree and if you, like us want to stop complaining and start doing, now is the time.

After all, haters will hate, but lovers will only love.



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