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Jab chale Agnee ki “aahatein” or kahe Indian Ocean “aree ruk jaa re bande”kya tab kabhi socha ki they’ll ever work together? And there someone did. Yes, a dhinchak salute to Janaki Vishwanathan the national award winning director of kutty, who thrilled this whole generation with AGNEE collaborating INDIAN OCEAN for her upcoming film ‘Yeh hai bakrapur’, a social and political satire based on Shahrukh, no not apna wala, but the bakra who eventually becomes the hero of the film. Yeh hai Bakrapur has been produced by Ramesh Sriivatsava Aruunachalam.

Film Ki timing hai badi dhaasu, speaking about which, frontman of Agnee Mohan said, “The film had come to us after it had been completed and final for release but Janaki wanted to add music to it. This was also a challenge for us as being a rock band it was difficult to compose music for a film so intense. But once we started working on, as lyrics were written, music was composed; it was a great fun moment to record it.”

The music has turned out to be phenomenal with the tremendous lyrics by Abbas Tyrewala and the song composed and sung by AGNEE in collaboration with Indian Ocean, this is the moment the members ever waited for.

Adding to Mohan’s statement the ever vibrant Koco says, “We’ve always met at functions where Agnee performs as a band and Indian Ocean performs as separate. But no one ever thought of such an idea of working together. So this was a wonderful experience of collaborating and we’re super excited the way the music has turned out.” Agnee have made the music of the film available for free. Is political drama ka super hit formula wala first song, ‘Pair Anaadi’ can be downloaded free at https://www.facebook.com/agneelive.

Agnee has also been associated with ‘Dharavi Rocks’ since its foundation, an educational music and dance project initiated by the Acorn Foundation, an NGO working with slum kids and rag pickers. Agnee aims to contribute to them if the listeners like this music.

 Yeh hai Bakrapur is a film about the Qureshi’s and their goat named Shahrukh who soon gains the political mileage in his village. AGNEE has tried to compose every song in a way that has a message associated to it.

Just like them we too believe that agar is mahine me hifilm release hoti to, it would have inspired the public to go and vote. Nonetheless hit the theatres to see if Shahrukh the bakra could be a better neta on 9th MAAAY!


Aur ha, 24 tarikh ko vote karne mat bhulna.

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