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We have different sets of friends – school friends, area friends, childhood friends, random friends, yeh friends, woh friends, falana friends, dhimka friends and the ones that stay for life – college friends. The best memories and the best place to make this kind of friends is the college canteen. Oh yes! College life is incomplete without canteens. Lecture bunk karna ho ya g.f se milna ho, whether the teacher has thrown you out or you want to grab a bite – this one place serves a shelter for it all. Here’s a look at some of the city’s famous college canteens.

N.M, Mithibai, UPG and a number of other small-small colleges share a common canteen in the SVKM campus. The ground floor canteen which is managed by Aditi Restaurants chain, boasts of a menu ranging from Italian to Mexican, chat to fast food and Chinese to B’bay’s favourite golas. There’s pizza, pasta, pulav, panipuri and everything you can possible think of. While the costliest it priced at 90 Rs, idli is available for a mere 20. Helps you in case of a treat as well as during the month-end money crunch. Cakes and Scoops at the entrance of the college sell pastries and cakes, the 6th and 8th floor UPG canteens have a variety of sandwiches and juices and corn.

Although this canteen isn’t adequately lit and smaller than other colleges’ canteen, this place has a delightful menu. The prices are medium priced, neither too steep nor too cheap. The part that distinguishes this eatery from most of the others in the city is that availability of non-veg which is otherwise not a common site. Not to forget Raju Chinese – the best-seller and all-time favourite greasy Chinese vendor. “The size of the canteen is more of an advantage than a disadvantage. It helps me to meet my friends and their friends and others all in one place without actually contacting each other”, feels Priyanka Ahuja a T.Y B.M.M student.

One of city’s oldest and favourite college has an equally awesome canteen. If you’ve had a bad day Umesh Bhai’s bhel is more than enough to lift your spirits. The cheese maggi and munchow soup taste best in this damp monsoon weather. While the Frankie, palak dosa and biryanis are reserved for special long hour gossip sessions, the usual foodstuff all students crash on are the sandwiches. The sandwichwalla diligently caters to each and every order he receives from the crowd. Cheese chilly toast and cheese capsicum toast are the best-sellers and most liked by the students. The items on the menu are affordable by all. A treat in the canteen will definitely turn out to be a cheaper affair than any of the SoBo restaurants. 😉

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