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Y2B – The success Story

Mumbai Youth to Business Forum organised by AIESEC in Mumbai, the Mumbai Chapter of the worlds largest student run organisation AIESEC, in association with the Corporate Interface Cell Of NMIMS University, took place on the 29th of October 2013. The theme of the Forum came into light – “Breaking Stereotypes”. The Organising Committee designed the agenda of the day-long forum with a determined view to including multi-faceted, insightful and engaging sessions like Speeches, Workshops, Panel Discussions and Networking Breaks. Profound guests from different walks of the business world who personified the theme graced the occasion and the attendees were taken on an enlightening ride through novel notions and essential takeaways.


Mukesh Marfatia:  Executive Vice President, MindCraft Pvt, Ltd with an extensive IT Industry experience – spoke intelligent words on Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship and how the former justifies “desire for freedom, sense of achievement and passion”. He shared his life experiences and reflected on Leadership and other economic and social aspects of Entrepreneurship.


Gaurav Sathe:The Local Committee President of AIESEC in Mumbai – shared his leadership inculcating life experiences, risks and challenges. He associated ‘Global Youth Leadership’ with the ‘Need of the Hour’ and stressed the importance of Vision. Driven by purpose being a part of AIESEC, he shared his Exchange leadership experiences and Travel Opportunities which moulded him.


Ajay Kulkarni: Senior Manager Marketing and Brand at Star India Pvt Ltd –took the attendees on a quick tour into the Media world and Entertainment Industry. He coined the term “Prosumer” , an idea of the Producer being the Consumer and then excelling Marketing operations. He stressed the importance of reading, youth and Social Media in the present day Marketing Scenario.


Session by Hardik Shah of Google Business Group: Working as the core committee member and Managing Partner of Theekkar do, Hardik gave a very youthful perception to Entrepreneurship. Considering ‘Risk Taking’ and ‘Initiation’ as key to Entrepreneurship, he answered a lot of questions pertaining to youth Entrepreneurship and its implications.


‘Mind Mapping’ by Mr.DharmendraRai: With numerable endorsements, knowledge and Expertise attached to Mind Mapping techniques which would make any person’s decision-making and Management, irrespective of his field of working, easier, Mr.DharmendraRai, Mumbai’s first licensed Mind Map Trainer, blew the audience away with his brilliant interaction.


“Youth Revolution” Panel Discussion by UdayWankawala, SamyakChakrabarty and Khushbu Mehta:A very engaging and knowledgeable panel, moderated by Mr.Uday of the National Entrepreneurs Network, a Consultant for MumbaiRegion threw some much needed light on Youth Engagement and Integration into the Business and Entrepreneurship.


  • SamyakChakrabarty – Managing DirectorElectronic Youth Media GroupChief Youth MarketerDDB Mudra Group– explained the four filters one needs to put their venture ideas through. He burst the illusional bubbles associated with Youth Entrepreneurship but also mentioned the advantages in terms of ‘Scalability’ and ‘Ease of Access’. 
  • Khushbu Mehta – Prosperity Facilitator at WOW! – spoke about the importance of Confidence and illustrated her take on business principles and entrepreneurship aspects with interesting examples.


“Ground Realities” Panel Discussion by Ajeet Khurana, Animesh Damani and Kaustubh Dhargalkar:Allowing the audience into a whole new perspective of the ground realities of Business, Entrepreneurship and Management, Talent Pool of the present, the panel was moderated by the very impressionable Mr.Ajeet Khurana – Founder of Startup Gang, Angel Investor and Business Mentor.


  • Animesh Damani – Managing Director at Platinum Hotels,speaking about his successes and failures as a Young Entrepreneur 
  • Kaustubh Dhargalkar–Mentor at Centre of Innovation & Enterprise: IIM Ahmedabad, spoke about the very general and obvious stereotypes in the minds of youngsters regarding starting up and further education, and the importance of on-field work experience.


Devita Saraf: Founder and CEO of Vu Technologies – as the closing speaker, threw some light on the challenges in entrepreneurship, importance of travel to know your Market and the various aspects of Women Entrepreneurship. She also spoke about the ways in which everyone in their own way can exercise social entrepreneurship.

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