Winter In Mumbai – Dhinchak Style



So the much awaited Mumbai winters are finally here and what adds an element of excitement to this, barring the lustrous fashion and mouth-watering cuisines are the never ending college fests it brings along. If you are a student here you certainly know where this is heading!

Winter is the time when every college is pepped up to showcase their talent and mettle. Every student is geared up to plunge in the battlefield. From pro nights to fashion shows, from soccer to classical music concerts, these colleges provide endless platforms for one to venture out.

Whats even more amusing is watching the committee members who by the way were once laid back in life, run here and there in frustration. If you are currently idle or have zilch company, just grab a drink and head towards one of the nearby college events. Trust me, nothing could give you more satisfaction than watching members in such a chaos and ending up getting into brawls over the weirdest things.

So if you think you have got what it takes to be one of a kind, lets see what you can bring to the table. If you are types to groove on some commercial tracks or even if you are not the types, you now know where to head at!


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