Will my kid ever get to taste the maa ke haath ka khana?

“Aaj kal ke bachon ko ghar ka khana pasand hi nahi hai (Kids today do not like homemade food),” says Lalitaben (74), Grandmother of two. Gone are the days when rotis were served with desi ghee and so were pakkodas on a rainy evening. What meant healthy eating like the desi ghee, jaggery, and milk have now been substituted to something that is tasty but unhealthy.

Savita (41), a mother of two from Kandivali says, “The desi eatables are now replaced with readymade ones like the two minute noodles and ready to eat cutlets available everywhere from a supermarket to the small baniya store.” The recipe of a simple dal roti chawal has also changed drastically. Rotis prepared in wheat, bajra, jowar are now prepared with Soya and so is rice which is lighter and low in carbohydrates.

Women are growing more independent in the urban environment. Women in particular are getting busier day by day. Now the saying that office is to man and kitchen is to woman no more implies. With bollywood and the glamour world influencing, people are now becoming health conscious.

So with globalization of food are we losing the authenticity of food? “Taste of different regions is changing. People are tired and jaded with the age old grandmother’s recipe” says Harmeet Singh, Owner of MiniPunjab. Every street today has a decatessean serving cuisines from every nook and corner of the globe. From Sant Singh Chatwal’s restaurants serving a blend of French and Indian cuisine to Mc Donald’s the largest fast food chain in the world have accepted the fusion of taste buds around the world.

Food systems are being transformed at an unprecedented rate as a result of global change in cultures, values, beliefs and lifestyle. Modern concept of marketing which believes in customer’s satisfaction has over the years come up with a variety of prepared and ready to eat meals which are often consumed at home and away from home. Suman Tiwari (36), a manager with an MNC and a mother of a three year old says, “These food systems and lifestyle changes are not only leaving an impact on health and nutritional status but also resulting in obesity, overweight and diet related non communicable diseases. But, the demands of a life in a metro are very different.”

Food is the art of many cultures.So if globalization of food causes to losing the authenticity of food than will my generation next ever get to taste the actual food? What bothers me is from Mc Donald’s to subway to dinner every alternate days and no knowledge about what cooking is will my child ever eat “Maa ke Haath ka khana”?

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