When the Raghu Dixit Project took Phoenix by storm!

_DSC0153 You know it’s going to be a mad house when Raghu Dixit makes a headline. When he released Jag Changa back in 2013, it put all his fans in a frenzy. They loved the music and had no clue how to stop grooving to it. Naturally for a band that makes very selective appearances in Mumbai, the concert hosted at Phoenix was going to not just be memorable but insane.

The evening kickstarted with a jugalbandi between the crowd and the band to the beat of the Jembe. It was just the right preview of what was to come.

But it was only when Raghu Dixit took the stage with his band that the audience was left enthralled. He kick started the event with his song Jag Changa. Right from this song till the end the audience grooved, sang, cheered.
The most entertaining was one of Raghu Dixit’s famous Kannada song ‘Lokada Kalaji’ which when translated means ‘Don’t worry be happy; but if you worry, i don’t care’. The audience had a sing along with the band for this song, every member of the audience be it a young person or a senior citizen repeated and sang the song.
The finale song ‘Mysore se Aayi’ made the crowd dance like they’ve never danced.

The icing on the cake however was listening to Raghu Dixit narrate his Story to Fame; to add to the story was his song ‘When in Mumbai, waiting for a miracle’ which is more than an inspiration to millions of people who come to Mumbai with a dream.

For a true Raghu Dixit fan, this gig was probably a gift before the band is off on their international tour.

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By Aakanksha Fernandes

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