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Petrol RiseAs the petrol price is constantly rising the major effect is on sales of cars. The car sale has been substantially undesirable. The hike in fuel prices has also hit the Indian economy badly and the standard of living of the Mumbaikars (God save us!). Customers with a plan to purchase a new vehicle now will have to think again on the matter. This is because the hike in the fuel rate by Rs.7.50 (Aisa lag raha hai ke thoda petrol leke sab government officers ki cars jala dalu 🙁 ) definitely has a key role in determining the issue of owning a vehicle. Statistics have arrived at the conclusion that the rise in fuel rates have negatively affected the production, sales, and consumption of cars.


High inflation has put the vehicle market down, compelling the vehicle manufacturers to emerge with amazing offers to attract customers(Ghanta! now who will buy these car???). However, the offers don’t seem to be effective since customers had some different viewpoints:

• 80% of the drivers are attempting to limit their driving activities.
• 92% of the potential customers have an assumption that the fuel price will decline in another three to four months and they want to hang around for their next purchase.(Now, no Aja meri gaadi main baith jaa! WTF!)
• 87% consumers are searching for a fuel-efficient vehicle.(Buy a cycle better :((( )
• 66% have turned to public transport and stopped driving.(more crowd in trains & buses)
• 20% of the potential customers are satisfied driving their two-wheelers.(Soni ki cycle,chandi ki seat.. Aa chale darling,chale double seat)
• 38% of the customers are selling or trading their vehicles in exchange of something with improved fuel efficiency.


Increasing fuel rates are constantly affecting the standard of living of people and influencing the car purchasing decisions of Mumbaikars. Customers are always limiting themselves from purchasing new vehicles and even avoid opting for a long drive. Nobody ever believed that the hike in fuel price will be so deteriorating.


Enough of it now, we are tired of it. Price-hike everyday and in everything. After auto rickshaw strike, taxi strike,pilot strike etc. etc. now i think we should have citizen strike also. Do let us know what you think about it. Post your comments! 😛


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