Verve XI – day 3

The third day of Verve XI.  All the effort and gusto put in for the amazing battle of the bands!!!! As the sun set and the crowds gathered the evening was as promised… Rocking!! Six Bands, a crazy crowd and two of your very own dhinchakers Sanket and Arzan anchoring. Thats more than enough to explain the fact that Vidyalankar had a rock show that was mind boggling!!  A variety of bands from Punk rock to heavy meatal to acoustic etc etc etc…. WAIT!!! It gets even better! The event was judged by MOKSH , India’s first Marathi rock band that ended the show with a tantalising performance by them. If you think you were done with the mosching the grooving and the rock n roll there is more. If you couldn’t break your necks with the head banging I am sure the next performance would do it for you!!  The day came to an end with a literally cut throat martial arts performance by ‘KHALSA’group. Overall a day filled with lots of rock(not pathars) n roll and head banging. Now i need to apply iodex on my neck. See you guys tomorrow at the final day of Verve XI.


Pictures by Keyur Mehta & Kashif Chilmai


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