Verve XI – Day 2

Who said the good guys have all the fun? Although the theme of  Verve XI is superheroes vs supervillians , at Vidyalankar each and every one has a blast. Its the second day at Verve XI and the temperature is soaring. Not because of the Mumbai heat but because of the crazy fun and enegy  here. With the campus being fillied with the colours of events like ‘Black Boarded’, ‘Rangoli Making’  and people’s tattoos which they got from’ Ink it!!’  Vidyalankar was grooving!! Yup while the brains were thinking at the various quizes, the feet were stompping at ‘Groove it’ , the dance events. From solo to duet dances and the impromptu dance competition which displayed uniqueness crazyness …and well you needed to be there to understand and jazz along. The day passed by with the beats of , ‘ Electrocuted’, the band competition’s elimination  and with performers cooking up some spicy music on pots and pans at ‘ Kitchen chronicles’. It ended on a high note at the main stage with the group dance competition hosted by Priya Thakur and our very own Dhinchak Mumbai Boss Sanket Bhatt setting the stage alight as if  it were on fire (Yes i am being nice because i need a raise) !!  Glamour Groove and whole lot of dhinchak!! Thats why you needed to be at VerveXI  on the second day!!


Pictures by Keyur Mehta & Kashif Chilmai

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