Verve XI – Day 1

VIT !! VIT !! VIT !! kay karu ya lokancha???? 1st day of Verve XI was not simply amazing but mind blowing. No other words than mind blowing can be used here. It fultoo blew away the audiences mind. The day was filled with fabulous energy and talent flowing from each and every corner of Vidyalankar (excluding the loo’s, we were not there, so no idea about it) Guitar Wars was a jam packed event. It was amazing to see young people ripping their guitars like professional rockstars. After attending this event, i am sure India’s future will have the best bands and musicians in it. The fashion show event was the 1st main stage event today and it totally rocked. Series of fashion show presented one after the other was a sight to see. Handsome guys and very very very beautiful girls raised the temperature and made the atmosphere sizzle! Lastly, the UV dance by Bappa Excel Group and BloodStone Group was something you will never see anywhere. The team of Verve XI would surely make its mark in history of VIT for organizing such a huge event and taking it to an even higher pedestals!!


Pictures by Keyur Mehta & Kashif Chilmai


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