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They say there is no such thing as great talent without hard work. That’s exactly the idea I got when I interviewed a hugely talented singer…Vasuda Sharma. Her story of going from a small town girl to a woman who has forged a career for herself is nothing short of inspiring. Kaun kehta hai ladkiyon mein dum nahi hota?




This being the first time I was interviewing someone, I was pretty nervous. However, I just have to say that Vasuda was exceptional. She was humble, made us feel comfortable by talking to us like just another friend and had absolutely no airs about herself, like some famous singers do…No I won’t be taking names.


Through the course of the interview, we got to know that she had been to Berkley for a year recently, to study music. When quizzed about her experience there, Vasuda honestly accepted that the first couple of weeks were extremely difficult, as she was awed by her talented peers from all around the globe and struggled to keep up. This is where her hard-work came into play. She had to put in extra hours and effort into her time over there. So amazing was her experience that she longs to go back there again.


Vasuda will be launching her first solo album ‘Stay Atuned’ on the 10th of October at Blue Frog. Her album was crowd-funded, the crowd-funding process which was completed in 2 months. She says she was immensely grateful and surprised as she did’nt expect the amount of support she got. Well, I guess that’s why you got to believe in dreams. When I asked her what exactly could we expect from her album, she didn’t give anything away but just said that it’s a blend of international flavour with a dash of desi. After the album launch, Vasuda will be touring the cities of Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi and so on.


After the interview, Vasuda was kind enough to sing for us a beautiful song…the video of which you can catch on our website. I don’t know about the others, but I am positively sure that I will be waiting for the 10th of October. wishes Vasuda the best of luck and is sure that this is the beginning of a hugely successful singing career!

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