Vaayu 2

Vaayu 2 – Kya Chalne wala hai?

Vaayu 2 – Kya Chalne wala hai?

Vaayu 2

Last weekend we brought Vaayu 2 to you. This time, we tell you what exactly we have in store!

From a series of some brilliantly planned events-Virtual Stock Market and Business Plan for the potential CEOs of tomorrow, Panel Discussion for those with a debating streak and JAM for those who simply love to ramble on inconsequentiality-to something you’ve rarely experienced at a cultural festival-Documentary making, terror simulation, mock parliament and captain planet for all those who don’t just want to sit around, because they know they’re capable of changing things-before.



Oh, but we’re not done yet. 


We have a series of events organized by the Performing Arts team. Fashion Show, Bollywood dance, Street Dance, Sufi Singing, Street Play, War of a DJs and many more.

However still, we haven’t forgotten the gaming & Sports lovers, or better yet, events dedicated to pure fun, like, “Base-ket”ball, Volleyball Football, CS, Dota , Foosball, VJ Hunt, Mr. & Ms. Vaayu, etc.
Lastly, If you are full of dexterity, well, then Fine Arts’ Events like Anecdote painting, dessert designing and Shoe Painting is exactly where you should turn to.

Or if you are work oriented and looking for a good internship, well, we have those too – Advertising, Marketing, Fashion Journalism – Owned.


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We’re ready.

Aren’t you?

Vaayu 2

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