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Aahān 2015 is the annual professional-based festival presented to you by the students of Shri Vile Parle Kelavani Mandal’s Usha Pravin Gandhi College of Management. Back for its fifth year, the festival is an assimilation of the
otherwise divergent streams of Media, Management and I.T.

Over the years, stalwarts from various industries have graced the festival.Aahān has had RJ Glen, Harry Baweja, Manoj Joshi, Amit Ashar, Paresh Rawal,J.D. Majethia, Sanjay Gandhi, Vikram Bhatt, Deepak Tijori, Firoz Nadiadwala,Nagesh Kukunoor, Dimple Kapadia, Sunil Shetty, Ajaz Khan, Ritesh Shah, Tahira Kochaar, Raunak Kapoor, Pushtie Shakti, Siddhant Karnik, Ashu Trikha and other well-renowned celebrities as a part of the events. For the 2014 Pronite, splendid stand-up artists like Tushar Abhichandani, Rahul Lalchandani, Aditya Desai and Sonali Thakkar from Canvas Laugh Factory were part of the occasion.

Aahān 2014 also organised a Glow Party. The DJ night concluded with a prize distribution ceremony, wherein the winning contingents were felicitated by singer Shantanu Mukherjee (Shaan) and director Anthony D’Souza.
Inspired (and overawed) by our esteemed predecessors, Aahān 2015 – Ascend beyond Aspirations has returned – bigger, better and bolder. In our fifth installment, we seek to connect contrasts as we shape ourselves
into a melting pot. With our theme, ‘The Desi Q’west’, we add stark and solid to vivid and vivacious, arriving at a dynamic fusion fiesta of epic proportions! Between souks and squares emerges a cosmos where the West meets India in an explosion of color and zest. Pumpkin spiced lattes meet masala tea; limousines adorn the prestigious ‘Horn OK please’ sign, Wall Street embellished with chaat stalls – we let our imagination run wild, paying homage
to the western mind and its Indian soul.

Within its intricate mosaic, Aahān 2015 holds a little something for everyone.Eccentricity runs in our veins and professionalism is our soul, and with these unusually coexisting contrasts, we manage to craft events that cater to the needs of our eclectic audiences.

Corporate Events

Our Corporate Events, made with great planning and precision are specially designed to test the intellect and resourcefulness of participants. We offer a taste of the corporate world in mind boggling events that are sure to be a treat for all. Your obsession for commerce combined with our insight makes this an experience of a lifetime, one that will leave you wanting for more. Media Events Land masses, mega oceans and ice bodies have split our globe into clusters and the only thing connecting us to one another is the media, and our Media Events endeavour to make this connection stronger. In these events, we showcase the various facets of Media such as photography, advertising, journalism, writing et al. There is a lot served on the platter for enthusiasts of this arena.

Sports and Gaming Events

One thing that is predominantly common between The West and India is the immense passion their people possess for sports. Our Sports and Gaming Events present a platform for budding athletes and sportsmen alike, who enjoy
a fierce competition and are passionate about the game. At Aahān, we take this passion seriously and attempt to take it to the next level. The enthusiasts who brandish joysticks and consoles are at war, as bragging rights in the digital arena are up for grabs in our pulsating and exciting gaming events.

Web and I.T. Events

Our I.T. Events are setting a trend amongst coding mega-minds. The stage has been set for all the tech-friendly people who can not only use complicated gizmos and gadgets with ease, but also create one for themselves. Only those who can delve into the intricacies of software making and can effectively code their way through will stand a chance to the winning podium.

Informal Events

This year at Aahān, gusto increases ten-fold as we introduce the Informal Events. In this unique concept witness fun games appear on a competitive front and mind-boggling rounds that try to waiver your focus from the obvious.
Calculate your way through simple tasks and devise methods to reach the summit of your potential. Indulge yourself in these quirky delights and prepare yourself for an experience that’d last a lifetime.
Aahān 2015 hosts three pre-submission events namely ISF, Aavishkar and Scenic Imprints.

International Short Film

Filmmaking is a chance to live many lifetimes. Inspire the audience with a heart-warming story, finely tuned cinematography or highly effective dialogues which make a cult classic. The camera is your brush and the world is your canvas. It’s time the world recognized your skill in filmmaking. With fierce competition from international enthusiasts, I.S.F. is the perfect launch pad for you to establish yourself as the next Hitchcock, Kubrick or Tarantino of your generation. Combine a unique story with impressive filmmaking attributes and create your very own masterpiece.


A frown on your face, your mind submerged in the world of cryptic codes and complex computing languages, your fingers in constant, relentless motion; you’re making a world of your own, but for others. Step into a combat zone
like none, where you will see your brainchild in fruition. You could be a techie or even an intellectual giant but success will only be yours if you ‘design’ it.

Scenic Imprints

A green field stretching out endlessly, a morning sun rising gracefully above the horizon, the sky painted in dull, flowery pink or delicate waves of blue and green lapping against each other on a sunny morrow. Mesmerising, beautiful sights that Mother Nature holds in her lap, made with infinitesimal finesse are sometimes beautifully captured. If you think nature’s magic meets your eyes effortlessly and that you have the power to click the scene with utmost justice, then here is your chance to show it off. Accompany us as we attempt to view nature’s bounty captured in all its glory.

To participate in the events or to know more about the festival, you can visit the official festival Website – www.upgaahan.com

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