Sahil Shah at Tuesdays with Morons

Tuesdays with Morons: LOLympics Edition

Sahil Shah at Tuesdays with Morons

What: Tuesdays with Morons: LOLympics Edition

When: 17th July, 2012.

Where: St. Andrew Auditorium, Bandra.


Organised by the East India Co.medy Show, Tuesdays with Morons – The LOLympics edition had everything from the good ol’ Political bashing to the great Amitabh Bachhan trying to take a dump, Even a bit of Brit raping for you know..for the 200 years of slavery and all that naughty business.


The show featured Gujju man Sahil Shah, Aditi Mittal, Sapan Verma, Sorabh Pant and Self proclaimed Worlds Sexiest CA Kunal Rao.


Sahil killed it with all the Gujarati jokes.. Our editor(yep another Gujju from Ghatkopar) was screaming his head off like a 13 year old at Beiber concert at each and every one of ’em (..Don’t fire me pliz). Aditi started out a bit slow but ended with some quality material.


I’d write about the rest but they all follow pretty much the same pattern, good stuff. (..not that I didn’t remember to take notes to write about it cause I’m a terrible reporter or anything :S)


Also Breaking the chains of censorship Radio wala, MTV VJ and creator of our favourite podcast ‘Kaan Masti’ ka creator (seriously.. check that shit out) Jose Covaco (Hoezay re) made his stand up debut last night. Sex jokes flew all over the place, Someone dropped B-bomb, someone told everyone to get fucked, everyone got tricked into imagining a naked Lata Mangeshkar making sweet love to a green Elephant, people laughed, people cried.. Our Gujju boss was still screaming his head off even though there weren’t any Gujju jokes on.. Shit got crazy fast!


Jokes aside though (???) the show was organised to help out the Indian athletes going to London for the Olympics this year. Proceeds from show went to The GoSport foundation who are sponsoring said athletes ..cause the Government of India is too cheap to do it themselves.


Youth Olympics Silver medallist HS Prannoy and Rani Rampal from the National hockey squad made were present at the show and were quite thankful to everyone who showed up.


All in all a Full On two hours of entertainment, attendees helped out a good cause and the world ended up being a better place. Defiantly worth the time and money.


People who missed out or are just hearing about it, Kunal Rao and Sapan Verma from the East India Co.medy Show will be performing at Out of the Blue, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai. Check out their Facebook page for more details.


Pictures by Yashoda Latkar




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