VISTA, in its 10th instalment, promises to live up to its name, implying invigorating, boundless energy. The annual Techno fest of Thakur Institute of Management Studies, Career Development &Research is one of the most talked college festivals. Year after year, it has been evolving, reinventing itself in leaps and bounds. Every year, VISTA throws participants newer and unprecedented challenges, sets new standards, leaving the participants awe-struck.

We’re confident that in VISTA 2015 too all participants will be taking along some innovative and path-breaking ideas, when they step out of our gates. In VISTA, ‘Technocrats -in-making’ of India get to unleash their true potentials, in intellectually stimulating and fun events. It is the perfect platform for students to showcase their technical prowess in a plethora of pure and cross-disciplinary Technical events.

As VISTA is stepping into its decade, we are celebrating it with the theme “Empowering the youth with technology to change the world into a better place”.

VISTA 2015 has also associated with an NGO “The Candle Light Project”, to empower children from underprivileged communities through holistic learning and quality education for self sustainable and independent living.

VISTA 2015, promises to provide you a never-before-seen-or-experienced journey, filled with exciting events, competitions that will make this voyage of yours, nothing less than breathtaking.

Sports and LAN Gaming Events
Our Sports and Gaming Events present a platform for budding athletes and sportsmen alike, who enjoy a fierce competition and are passionate about the game. At VISTA, we take this passion seriously and attempt to take it to the next level. The enthusiasts who brandish joysticks and consoles are at war, as bragging rights in the digital arena are up for grabs in our pulsating and exciting gaming events.
Web and Coding Events
The stage has been set for all the tech-friendly people those who can delve into the intricacies of software making and can effectively code their way through will stand a chance to the winning podium.
Face of VISTA: Do you think you have the face, wits and the guts to be into the lime light and show to the world that you are an all-rounder? Step out of your comfort zone and prove your mettle on the battleground, in the ultimate fight to be crowned as Vista Face of the year.
Group n Selfie: From politicians to religious leaders to sports & film stars to the common man “The Selfie Bug” has bitten all of us. At Vista we give you an opportunity to share with us those selfie moments, which hold a special meaning to you.
From the glam of Hip Hop and Indojazz to the magnificence of Bhangra, Bollywood and classical forms. Right from events which call out to the “crazy baraati” in you to the insanely competitive ‘Frisk Factor’. If there’s something in abundance in this fest it is the essence of dance in every student.

At VISTA you will also witness various other fun and innovative events such as Treasure Hunt, Quiz, Mega Event, Project Presentation, Photography, PC Assembling. So Register yourself at VISTA 2015 which brings together some of the best minds of the city, for you to compete with, to act as a yardstick, enabling you to judge yourselves vis-à-vis contemporaries. Come down to TIMSCDR this February, afford us the pleasure of hosting you at VISTA 2015, prove your mettle and walk away, beaming with a bounty of prizes & pride.

The events are open to any graduate/post graduate student and the details are accessible through our website:

Register yourself for the events before it is too late….

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