Thrash It Before You Ash It – an Intiative by TYBMM students of R.D.National College

The students of the Third year, in the Bachelors of mass media course at R.D.National College are, challenged to pick up a cause, to build a campaign around it and most importantly to spread awareness to as many as possible.


Our challenge was to create a campaign revolving around the hidden demons of smoking.


The Objectives of “Thrash It Before You Ash It” as a campaign is educating the public on harmful effects of tobacco. As we know, there has been a drastic increase in cancer of the lung, head and neck due to increased consumption of tobacco. Which is why, as planned, we had a flash mob on the 6th of September, the day that our campaign announced as a no-smoking day. This event took place at infinity mall (Malad) at 6:30pm, where about 30 dancers performed. The dancers in the mob performed on a few popular English songs (commercial music). The dance consisted of popping and locking and it distinctly sent out the massage that smoking harms a person’s well being and only kills in the bargain.


Besides having a flash mob, we have also conducted other activities like having stick-on messages on the cigarette packets, and have had our campaign posters stuck on some of the prime locations in the city where the act of smoking is carried out on a vast scale. Places like carter road, outside college premises in Bandra, Juhu, Andheri, etc. were some locations that we covered.   




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