The Vengabus now enroute Mumbai

Well.. if you’re a 90’s kid, you’ve got to have a favorite Vengaboys song. Afterall, you’ve not lived life to the fullest if you’ve not hummed Sha La La, smiling all along.

You’ve got to agree.. ye EDM VDM sab ek side aur Vengaboys ek side. So when they announced their India tour after a super long hiatus, it did come as a surprise for many, but more importantly it became a dream come true for die hard Vengaboys fans.

And if your favorite band is coming to town, it’s got to be Dhinchakified.

So.. bhaiyyo aur beheno, stay tuned to posts on your truly for some exciting contests coming up. There’s a lot in store to satisfy that super excited fan in you.

Till we announce our first big contest, here’s a little something to keep the spirits high!





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