Monsoon Mantra

The Monsoon Mantra!

Monsoon Mantra   The Monsoon Mantra!

After summer style statement here comes the Monsoon Mantra for my dhinchak readers! Mumbai’s monsoon blues are here again, and it’s back to spending hours squinting into a dark cupboard wondering what to wear, speculating what would look good after stepping into all those puddles and slush.

As you turn to cross the road, an auto rickshaw passes by splashing the muddy water on your attire. Next you try to catch a bus but end up getting drenched in the thick downpour. After you manage to reach office on time, you try to wash off the mud and squeeze out the excess water.

But it is not so easy. The result is you shiver through your bones the whole day in the air-conditioned environment. Had the fabric of your outfit be rayon or silk you could have avoided this mess. It is this necessity that has caused the advent of monsoon fashion in Mumbai.

If you are donning formals, go for shirts or kurtis with short or elbow-length sleeves, and pick knee length skirts. Wearing white is inviting disaster, so splurge on some bright colors like blues, reds and jewel tones, and avoid layers altogether.

For casual wear opt for things like capris, trendy Bermuda pants and short denim skirts; and make sure your skirts leave you enough leg room to run under cover when it starts to pour. Pick bold and happy colors like fuchsia pink, bright orange, peacock blue, lime green, sun yellow and cherry red.

As for your make-up and hair style to complete your ready-for-the-rains look, use only waterproof makeup, use soft shades with rosy undertones for your cheeks, dramatize your eyes a little with funky colored eyeliners, and give your lips a matte look – no gloss.


Since hair is almost always a problem during the monsoons, don’t choose styles that require your hair to be straightened, crimped or curled. All that dampness will make it limp and shapeless in no time.


Footwear, with all those puddles, your footwear can barely be seen, but believe me, it’s the most important part of your wardrobe. Make sure all your sandals are slip-resistant and have an ankle strap. If you must wear heels, make sure they are not more than two inches high, and have a firm base.

If you are a jogger, get yourself light slip-ons that have good soles and don’t take weeks to dry. Put way your leather, suede, and sports shoes away till winter. Be strain free about monsoon and enjoy it to the fullest. Happy Monsoons!! ☺

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