The gully Vada Pavs…!



The easily available Mumbaian snack, Vada Pav, had its day celebrated recently on 22nd August . So my fellow DhinchakMumbaikars let me take you to gully vada pav thellas who are uncommonly famous …


Kunj Vihar, Thane- Ashok Talkies lane in the West


Welcome to the Vada Pav Inc. of Thane. Located right outside Thane station, this place seems too humongous for a Vada Pav joint.


Boasting of its tradition of taste, loyal customers and ‘amche paav amhich banavto’, it is the most accessible fast food joint close to the Thane station. Huger in size as compared to any other gully Vada Pav, they serve it with the sukka red and a meetha khajoor chutney.


They also happen to serve a variety of Indian snacks like Puneri Misal, Dahi wada etc. for the hungrier lot, however Vada Pav still remains their USP.


The taste no doubt lives up to their legacy. Instances of customers taking parcels for their families in Dombivali, Kalyan etc. are quite commonplace!


The soft, freshly baked paav, vada with a unique taste (and size as well) will definitely have you coming back for more!

 Make sure you taste this one next time you are in Thane and if you are a local, no introduction is needed!


Mangesh Tasty Vada Pav, Borivali west-  Chandawarkar Lane


Pretty close to the Borivali station at Chandawarkar Lane, behind Prabodhankar Thakre Auditorium in the West, you are bound to miss this absolutely non-pretentious haathgaadi of Vada Pav. However, if you happen to catch the drift of the aroma spicing up the air, you know you have landed in the right place!


Catering to the Borivali taste buds since 20 years, owner Mangesh Pandit serves you with one of the best homemade Vada Pav’s in the city.


The blend of the meetha chutney ‘made of khajur, tamarind and jaggery’, green chilli chutney and the red sukka chutney goes extremely well with the crispy vada. Winner of the Vada Pav competition organized by Shiv Sena a couple of years ago; this Vada Pav is something you can never have enough of!


Operation hours are from 3:30 pm onwards. Though not over-crowded with customers, you also wouldn’t realize when a big thali of vadas gets over in the time you are busy finishing your first!


Options like patti samosa and chinese samosas come handy. But boss, Mumbai bole to Vada Pav has to steal the show!


Try these Vada Pav for this as I will be back next week with more amazing reviews on our khaana-peena section! Take care Mumbaikars J

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