The Guitar.Inc Rock Show

What? : The Guitar.Inc Rock Show


When? : 25th June


Where? : Orbits Discotheque, Hotel United 21, LBS Marg, Gokul Nagar, Near Castle Mill, Thane west.



Guitar.Inc started off with a guitar school and evolved into a jam room and recording studio. Their latest venture is Guitar.Inc events which looks towards creating a major rock scene in and around Thane. Guitar.Inc was brought into being in December 2006, sometimes before dusk, on Kashid beach around 125kms from Mumbai as a school of music that encourages musicians to believe and express what they feel inside their souls. That’s the philosophy of Guitar.Inc. They quote, ‘we all have soul and it needs to be expressed and can be expressed,’ and that’s their main mission. They have recorded and mixed Dischordian’s debut album ‘the Feni Farm Riot’, recorded mixed and mastered Split’s debut EP ‘P is for Pig.’ There were seven band, they were all set to groove the stage. Each and every band was energetic and full of fun. Every band had their own style of performing and representing themselves.


The bands to perform on stage were:


Blakc – Alternative/ Post grunge,

The Lightyears explode – Alternative/ punk,

Clear blue sky – Psychedelic/ instrument,

G2 Trio – Blues, Forcefield – Punk,

Insignia – Grunge,

Still a Long Way – Alternative/ Classic. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.


Aviv Pereira, Founder Guitar Inc. Quotes, ‘‘Guitar.Inc is all about a vision I have for the future of the independent (Indie) Indian music circuit. It started when i was a much younger musician. I found all my contemporaries and some of my seniors talking about how bad the scene was for Indian rock bands etc. but very few believed that anyone of us could do something about it. I decided to change that and make a brighter future possible. So in 2006 with zero budget I laid the 1st foundation for this plan…’The Guitar.Inc guitar school’. Over the past 5 years with the help and support of family, friends, students and the universe the company has grown to add a Jamroom( in partnership with Furtardos, a low budget recording studio and just last month the event company. Our simple philosophy is, ‘ We all have a soul and it needs to and can be expressed because nothing is impossible’.


We promote Guitar.Inc initially only through word of mouth of well wishers,students and friends..more recently through Face Book.” My message to the Dhinchak Mumbaikar is, ‘We all have a soul and it needs to and can be expressed because nothing is impossible’. — After the performance, I interacted with the members of Still a Long Way, the members in this band are really energetic and they were rocked the floor with their fantastic performance. They say we still have a long way to go. The members in the bands are Meetvan Thaker the main Vocalist along with Janmeya Gondhlekar, Smit Hajare, Nikhil Pathak, Nachiket Karekar. As I noticed one thing there is no age limit in this show, Nikhil Pathak and Janmeya Gondhlekar have just passed out their SSC and they are a part of a band as a Lead Guitarist and The Rhythm Guitarist. They know each other since a year and a half and they have just started performing one and a half month back and I was really amazed by their performance. They say their hobbies are to chill out, night outs, watching CID (laughing out louder), music, eating, sleeping and many more. Their message to our Dhinchak Mumbaikar is just that be yourself and enjoy the soul of the music. After my personal interaction with them, I do feel that they really have A Long Way to go…!!


The Insignia describe their band as Alternative Music… when asked the reason, they say their music is inspired by the alternative music in the 90’s form the famous bands like Nirvana and many other. They were called as the alternative bands because they are different from the commercial bands, pop bands. They have different passion for the music and there is something different which makes audiences Go mad. When asked the reason behind the name Insignia, they say the kind of music they started listening to was Bryan Adams and others when they were young, we are mostly inspired by the classic commercial bands. They also perform in the college festivals. The members in the bands are Nihar Pansare, Harikesh Shekhar and Shashank Shetty. Their message to the Dhinchak Mumbaikar is keep the rock fame alive, listen to good music and keep rocking.


Dhinchak Mumbaikars, Music has no age limit and I am really amazed watching such young and energetic youngsters performing. Go and express your soul towards Music.

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