The Amitabh Gatsby

The Amitabh Gatsby

The Amitabh GatsbyWell when you have an international “Bahu” so then why would Bollywood’s greatest shy away…ya guys…thats right Amitabh Bachchan is finally gonna be a part of a Hollywood high venture The Great Gatsby…which is a screen adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel by the same name, which stars Hollywood’s Spiderman-Toby Maguire and Titanic fame Leonardo Di Caprio..  

But the sad part is that he just has a glimpse man…its seems like the same situation that happened with Anil Kapoor in Mission Impossible 4…you know like we made big Moolah about our very own Desi boy being in a one of the most famous action franchise but to our disappointment we found out it that it was just “blink through” act….awww

And also,I think that though Bollywood has films better than the “Jai ho” one man ,we are just too good for Hollywood to handle…I mean name one Hollywood guy who at age of 65 can still dance like Mr Bachchan…(Hats off sirji)

Come on man we have talent, then why can’t we have the same recognition as the west, I bet that when the movie releases everyone will be blown away with Bachchanji’s acting…..ok…sorry thoda zayada hogya….should stop gushing.

Anyway it is Hollywood’s loss that even after having a stalwart in a film, they let him go unutilized. Never mind Big B, we love you and want to see more of you in Hindi movies!   Jai ho!!!!!

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