Tere Mere Phere Movie Review

Director: Deepa Sahi

Producers: Ketan Mehta & Anup Jalota

Music: Shivangi R Kashyap

Lyrics: Shivangi R Kashyap

Cast: Vinay Pathak, Riya Sen, Jagrat Desai & Sasha Goradia

Running Time: 125 minutes


The film “Tere Mere Phere” is yesteryear actress Deepa Sahi’s first attempt at direction. The film is a romantic comedy and is a take on newly married couples and the tiffs which they have fresh after their marriage, which has been tried to be portrayed in a humorous manner.


The plot revolves around Rahul (Jagrat Desai) and Pooja (Sasha Goradia) who are a newly wed couple on their honeymoon and differences which they start having during their honeymoon period. The film opens with a scene in the aircraft where Rahul and Pooja are heading to Shimla from Kulu, after which they plan to head  to  Mumbai and complete their honeymoon. During their flight itself they fight in an immature manner for  small reasons like more space on the seats. The fight is shown in a very childish manner where a fight between the couple leads to big misunderstanding, and, a  comedy of errors, where everyone on the flight is affected indirectly and end up fighting  with one other. This  minor issue leads to such a major crisis that the flight gets canceled  returns  back to Kulu.


Eventually, all flights get canceled for two days because of the haphazard behaviour of the passengers. However, none of the passengers except  one  Jai (Vinay Pathak) is  able to identify the culprits. He follows them and waylays them outside Kulu airport and forcefully threatens them to take him to Shimla in order to meet and get married to Muskaan (Riya Sen), his love interest, which is being protested by Muskaan’s family due to caste issues.

During this long journey, the story of Rahul, Pooja and Jai unfolds. The film goes into a complete flashback mode, where they are telling their story to Jai on his insistence. During the flashback mode, various events are shown such as how Rahul and Pooja met at a common friend’s wedding and fell in “love at first sight” with each other. Soon after, Rahul proposes Pooja and she instantly agrees. The story is still in the flashback mode, when during their honeymoon all the problems, differences in opinion and other issues like jealousy against each other take place.


What happens after the flashback takes the story ahead. Do Rahul and Pooja   resolve their differences and be together or do they split. Will Jai be able to get married to Muskaan or will their love story remain incomplete because of Muskaan’s family.


The film falls big time in many aspects. To start with the story is very immature in content. The concept is very outdated, predictable and lacks creativity and modernization. In today’s modern world which urban couple gets married only after one month of a relationship? Who takes a serious decision like marriage by doing kiddish and immature stuff like “Compatibility Test”. There are many questions which are left unanswered.  The screenplay also lacks conviction, where one has to make an effort to identify that the scene is in the past or the present. The film is just like “Old Wine in a  New Bottle.”


Where performances are concerned, Vinay Pathak is convincing in his role as Jai. Riya Sen is also impressive as Muskaan in the cameo which she  plays. Jagrat Desai is promising in most of the scenes as the newly married husband especially for a debut film. Sasha Goradia is just about average as the newly married wife.


We would like give “Tere Mere Phere” 1.5/5 because the concept is a complete turn-off and it gives a viewer a spin in the head!

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