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Tere baap ka nahi hai!


Tere Baap ka Nahi Hai

 Thats exactly what a bunch of college students are saying against the vandalism of public property.


Indian tourists abroad take all the measures to be on their top behaviour and abide by their rules. They don’t litter nor do they damage public property. Their hypocrisy shows when they damage it in their own country.  That is the behaviour these students wish to change with their thoughtful campaign

Buses are burnt and trashed, flyovers are full of foul graffiti, love-struck couples write their names on heritage structures and tourist spots and chewing gums are blatantly stuck anywhere one desires. To change such attitudes BMM students of R.D National College have come up with an aggressive and in your face campaign against vandalism. The misuse of public property is rampant in the city and this campaign is exactly what mumbaikars need to keep the city of dreams alive.


Launched on 26th August, 2012, “Tere Baap Ka Nahi Hai” campaign has garnered 623 likes on facebook and is still going strong. Their viral videos and print ads have also received a lot of appreciation because of their sarcastic yet humorous outlook.


Urging people to join hands with them, TBKNH, has tried to create anger and furore among them by personifying public property and highlighting their feelings. Their Print ads talk about the public apathy and illiteracy towards heritage sites, tourist places and modes of transport.


The viral videos on youtube have created quite a stir among people because of its slapstick humour. Their mascots go around the city and embarrass people creating filth and tell them “yeh jagah Tere Baap Ka Nahi Hai”.


With a number of activities in their campaign, these students hope to tell people that what is done is done but they can urge people to stop any further damage. With hard hitting messages and energetic display of their campaign, the students request everybody to “be the Change you want to see in the world” and to those you don’t listen, they will yell “Tere Baap ka Nahi Hai”.



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