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Take a break with Sukho Thai

So after a super hectic weekend instead of our usual schedule of just heading to one of the newly opened pubs around the town in Mumbai , me and my friend decided to head to Sukho Thai in Phoenix Market City! And guess what? It turned out to be the best decision to unwind ourselves.
From the time we entered the place the aura that filled the ambience, the tall wooden interiors, calm music , the refreshing fragrances and the hospitality of the staff around us got us in the perfect pampering mood. They have really cool Ipad app to start with, describing the services that they offer and also the staff around who are always willing to guide you through the massage tours available to help you find the perfect fit. Since it was our first time we decided to go for the basic 60 minute Foot Massage package. We were guided to one of the massage rooms with dimly lit ambience and soothing super comfy massage chairs.
Trust us the relaxing music and the feet pampering just helps you de-stress the whole week stress better than any shopping spree or boozing plans and also sets you to welcome your perfect weekend.
Wait .. There’s more we have to tell you.  Much beyond our expectations as we had expected it to be just a foot massage, they were kind enough not to ignore our backs and shoulders. All in all it almost turned out to be a full body massage releasing every stressed muscle. The extremely well-trained Thai staff knows exactly how to bring the comfort of Thai massage without having to go to Thailand. They ended the massage  with a perfectly feel-good gesture offering us some freshly cut fruits and a special ginger green tea. Just as this wasn’t enough as first timers we also got amazing goodies from their side which totally summed up the whole experience as beyond excellent and rightly described as the best foot massage in town.
We would advice you this self-pampering treatment for yourself at least once a month or even just to pamper your tired feet after a shopping spree or  one of those crazy clubbing nights.  You could also choose some higher packages suiting your needs and price points. Personally I would also love to try the other more exotic varieties of massages that they offer but for a starter, the basic one is also extremely wonderful exceeding the expectations.
To know more about Sukho Thai you can check their website – SUKHOTHAI
In Mumbai, Sukho Thai is located at Bandra, Colaba,Pheonix Market City & Highstreet Pheonix, Malabar Hill, Andheri
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