Symphony – The Cultural Carnival…

Symphony. At the outset, the cultural festival of KJ Somaiya college of Engineering. But its more than that. It’s a chance an opportunity for us technophiles to show the world that we are much more than academic robots, a platform to showcase our creative side.

Year after year we see elaborate and intricate decorations, and the college looks like a decked up bride with all the resplendent glory, a result of the tireless efforts of the students themselves.

Whether you are a singer, a dancer, a writer, a performer, a sportsman, or just an average Joe who wants to have a great time,Symphony has something to offer to all of you. The very word Symphony evokes a sense of joy and pride in the heart of each and every KJSCE student because whether you are an FE or a BE you know that Symphony is that time of the year where you can simply forget all your stress, sorrow and pain, and simply enjoy and recharge your batteries.

What makes Symphony so different from all the other festivals out there? Symphony is different because despite having the usual gamut of literary, cultural events, concerts, sports and fun activities, we at KJSCE do it in our own “Somaiya” style. Everything- each event- in its individuality, is bound together with a single unifying thread running through them all.

As we go ahead year after year we never forget our roots, our foundations our pillars of strength, our forefathers, the founders of our great institution. We seek their blessings every time as we embark on a journey, a cultural extravaganza.

Symphony Sports
We, at KJSCE believe that study & sports always should go hand in hand. Where studies helps us to achieve our goals in life and give our services to the people, sports helps us create and nurture our personality and well-being of the students. So let each sports star in you wake up to our call because we proudly present to you, for the first time in the history of Symphony, our very own Sports Festival… Symphony – Sports a place for every Engineering student in Mumbai to showcase their talent in the various sports that we will be offering to you.

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