Sunburn Campus at Mirage 2012

Mirage an intercollegiate festival of Nagindas Khandwala College has set in motion to enthral  and entertain the crowd by taking the first step of organising the CL meet on 1st December 2012 Saturday at 11.00 pm at College Conference room. The CL meet consisted a crowd from around 30 colleges. Each college was given a contingent name to hide the identity like Whatsapp, Backbencheres ,Zoo Zoos,Brats, Revolutionist and likewise  based on the theme ‘The Good,The Bad And The Youth.The best college trophy for Mirage 2012 was introduced . The act of Biding took place for the Mirage event ‘Spoof’.
A surprise and striking element this Mirage is the opening night on 6th December .The crowd will dance on the tunes of Asia’s best DJs DJ Shaan and Helium project of the SUNBURN CAMPUS and entry passes for the same is only Rs 250/- . So get ready to witness Mirage like never before. Adventure is beckoning you. For any further enquiries about the passes or the festival you can contact the numbers below
Mehul 9768510716
Urvesh 9820180741 
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