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Startup Vs MNC – What to choose???

Well so for the graduate students or will be graduating students we know how difficult it is to choose your 1st job. Either work in a big shot MNC company and enter a huge office everyday or work with the a new energetic team who wants to change the world where the CEO/CFO/Accountant/Operations/Office boy all work together at the same level. Either to take coffee from a coffee machine in a MNC or order chai from tapri at a startup. So here are some differentiation between the big MNC and super cool startups by our brothers from @WittyFeed

To beard or not to beard???



For people who can’t stick their ass at one place



Monday morning meetings or late night brain storming sessions???



Ghaati Party or célébration???



Talent ya Degree???




Shoes up or flipflops ???



9 to 5 or yaar, ghar jaa ke wapis yahi ana hai ?




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