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Sculptures have given artists a medium to commemorate heroes of sports. Today’s sports trophies and busts, all are inspired by sport. Team spirit, winning, losing, achieving goals, patriotism…. these and many more such words can effort to illustrate the joy of watching or playing a game. ‘Artists who showcased their relation with sports and Samara Art took the initiative to showcase this fabulous fresh and unique concept of relating sports though the art of sculpture. For several millennia artists have used and will use sculpture as a medium to immortalize sports and its heroes. Sculptures are basically figurative and narrative. They share a story and emotion through human form. The message through this Sportacular Exhibition was to ‘relate Sports and sculpture as an inseparable history. Most of the pieces have a concept…They were obvious you could understand…whereas a few were a bit complicated… A small interaction with: Artist Domnic Anthony where I got aware of the hidden facts behind his two sculptures…Anthony spoke about his hard work and journey in giving us such rare work…he showcased bikes one made of E-waste i.e. electronic waste and the other made from the molten lava of garbage. Actor Sharman Joshi…he says “I like it when its theme based I find it interesting because you knows what coming for…he adds to it by saying that sculpture is something that personally works for him more than paintings.”… What… an Exhibition “Sportacular” Where….Le Sutra, Bandra Whom….Samsara Art

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