Sparsh live at 3 Wise Monkeys


When I found out that the band I had to review, SPARSH, was an Alternative-Rock band that played only hindi songs, I was a bit sceptical as I have heard quite a lot of bands who claim to be masters of that genre, but in the end they only flatter to deceive. However, 2 minutes into Sparsh’s opening track, ‘Ab jaag ja’, and I knew that this was going to be different…jyaada hi kuch different!


Soham Pathak’s strong vocals captured the crowd from the word get-go and only let go 3 and half minutes later, at the end of the first song. Ab jaag ja definitely jagaod everyone at ‘3 Wise Monkeys’ as it is quite a catchy number with a good tempo. It was augmented brilliantly by a solo on the acoustic guitar played by Rahul Bhavsar.


The lead guitarist picked up from where he left, coolly plucking his 6-string for the intro of ‘Baadhal’, even as Soham found a way to perfectly follow up a fast, peppy track by going the opposite way with a relatively slower, and soulful performance.


Sparsh then ran through a few other compositions of their own, like ‘Manzil’, ‘kashthi’, ‘samundar’ and their newest unnamed track, where the bass guitarist Ajinkya Jadhav really revved it up. Manzil and Samundar pretty much kept to the same tempo but Kashthi was their first real slow song of the night, at which point both my friends, Azhar & Venky turned to me and said, “Bhai yeh sparsh kuch aur hi hai yaar..I mean fast or slow, they nailed it!”


(I know this does not have anything to do with the review, but this is when we called for some food and I just had to mention that the food at 3 Wise Monkeys is just deeelicious!)


The band then went on to play a few covers of A.R. Rahman and Lucky Ali. Covers are usually tricky, as in, you could make a mess of it or in the off chance, and you may get it right…and get it right they did! The cover of ‘Dil Se’ was definitely the high point of the night as Sparsh got the crowd grooving to their beat.


Although every member of this band did an excellent job on the night, there was one person who stood out- Their keyboardist ‘Nikhil Pachpandey’. Seriously, logon ko ek instrument bhajane mein takleef hoti hai, but this guy was seamlessly shifting between playing the keyboards, the acoustic guitar as well as singing (ab isse kehte hai multi-tasking).


Sparsh’s last song for tonight was ‘Khoye ho kyon’, which had a lot of guitaring, spot-on percussion from Virendra Kaith, and clean vocals… so yes I think Sparsh saved the best for the last and ended with a bang!

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