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Social Media: Grabbing Student’s Attention

Social Media studentsSocial Media, Like War, Taxes And The Law, Is A Necessary Evil. Before It Came Into Existence, The Idea That People Could Be Connected Through Portable Devices, At Any Time Of Day Or Night, Was Inconceivable. Now That It Is Taking Over, One Blackberry Owner At A Time, It Is Difficult To Imagine Life Before This. How Did We Share Our Lives With Our Friends Before Facebook Existed? How Did We Contribute Our Two Cents On Worldwide Issues Before Twitter Was Born? And Sharing Video Content Without Youtube? Next To Impossible. The Benefits Are Obvious And Go Without Saying – Connectivity, Community Creation, Less Time Wasted On Mundane Tasks – The List Is Endless.

But As A College Student From An Institute Which Has Always Given The Utmost Importance To Tradition And Being “Old School”, I Have Come To Realize That Perhaps, There Is Another Side To This Rage That We Simply Ignore, Hoping That The Pros Will Outweigh The Cons.

I Know That I Am Not Alone When I Say That The Typical College Student Wastes A Good Amount Of Time Using Social Media And Networking Sites – Logging Onto Facebook The Minute The Laptop Is Switched On Is A Given. Now That Every Second Student Owns A Blackberry Or Something Of The Sort, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare And Everything Else Is Simply An Extension Of Your Hand, And It Goes Wherever You Do.

Along With The Loss Of Time And Focus (Which Seems To Reach Its Peak During Exam Week), Social Media Has The Uncanny Ability To Deteriorate Relationships, Or Help One Maintain Them At A Superficial Level. Social Circles Have Been Expanding Since Facebook Friend Lists Became Important, But One Should Stop To Think About The Quality Of These Friendships – How Many People On Your List Do You See On A Regular Basis, And How Many Of Them Do You Actually Care About? If Twitter Did Not Exist, Would You Really Be Conversing With All Your Followers On A Regular Basis? Probably Not, And It Gives You Something To Think About.

The Amount Of Time We Wasted Sharing Our Lives On The Internet Could Be Used To Do So Much More. Take A Small Step – Delete The Facebook Application From Your Phone; Stop Checking In Every Time You Go Out With Your Friends; Before You Tweet, Think About Whether You Really Want The World To Know What You’re Thinking At That Moment. Social Media Is Not Going To Go Away, And Realistically, It Shouldn’t. Just Remember That There Is A Life Beyond That Screen – Learn To Live A Little.

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