So, I’m back with the news of what’s happening or in this case what’ll happen with the students of

Jai Hind. Besides boasting of a very illustrious and rocking alumni, what else is Jai Hind college

famous for, students like me… 😉 Oh please stop you are embarrassing me :D, OK on a serious note,

Jai Hind is famous for its power packed, amazing, stupendous, extraordinary, sensational,

exceptional, incredible, marvellous, spectacular , Ok, I think Thesaurus ran out of words, but where

was I, Aah yes, mind blowing college fests. So let’s take a look at some of these fests that will be

taking the city by storm.


Started in the year 1999, a one day festival has now grown to a 3 day full blown festival.

Talaash, a 15 year old legacy of Jai hind is a flourishing fest organised by the Bachelors of

Management Studies department . So what is Talaash?? Is it an event for entertainment and

our amusement? No, it’s more, much more than that. It blends fun and enjoyment with

serious social responsibilities. It takes up social causes and works towards it like Talaash for

Hunger (2012) where food packets were distributed by the students to the underprivileged

kids, for 2013, it was Talaash for Freedom where Dharavi kids were given a platform to

showcase their dancing skills or like the Talaash for safety in 2014 where the biggest bike

rally was organised and almost 900 helmets were distributed and even breast cancer

awareness was spread by giving out almost 1500 bands. So you see, its not just some masti

and fun filled fest, it’s a fest that helps in creating an impact. The 2015 Talaash is even bigger

and has already started with a bang. It’s a Talaash for Swatchata, where Modi’s cause for

cleanliness is being promoted. Steps for serving the society have already started. Its going to

take place on 6th, 7th and 9th December.



JAF is an intra college academic edufest which gives the students a first rate opportunity to

flaunt their creativity and advertising knowledge. Every team has a total of 6-8 participants

and they advertise a product which already exists or they bring in a product of their own.

The entire month is spent creating a hype about the product and people go all out with their

advertising ideas. On the final day, the sale takes place and every team has different

marketing approaches, where the winning team gets a placement in an advertising firm.This

time the D-day is on 27th November, 2015.




A Jai Hind BAF, BFM and BBI initiative, Entourage 2015 is the 7th edition wherein it

encourages the finance students to look beyond numbers and stocks and bonds and take the

time to exhibit their flair and skill in sports, events and cultural activities like fine arts,

performing arts and literary arts. Entourage, which has made its way in the top 5 festivals of

Mumbai commences on the 28th November and goes on for two more days, on the 29th and

30th November, 2015.

Aren’t these fests just awesome and don’t you just want to jump in and start enjoying. And if

the answer is in negative, then dude you seriously need to check your brain. So let’s bid our

time and await these amazing fests that are on their way..


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