Smt. M.M.K College AAKARSHAN – Here It Is

Get Ready Mumbaikars, One of the biggest events of all times of one of the best college in Mumbai. Yes its all abt Aakarshan’11 an inter-collegiate festival of Smt M.M.K college of commerce & Economics. From the part 23years Aakarshan has been growing with more fun & more and more events every year.


With the warm welcome given to the juniors, marks the. Begining of Aakarshan. The theme for the year ‘ELECTRIFYING THE YOUTH’ had sent shock waves to all the colleges around Mumbai. Welcoming the best talents for all the events such as Performing Arts, Sports, Special Events, Fine Arts and the list of events goes on and on & so does the number of participants from all colleges over Mumbai.


Its like a carnival for Bandra during Aakarshan & for M.M.K students its the best time of the year which becomes memories all their life… All the events get an overwhelming responce from all the students but Performing Arts is the most demanding one, which includes Solo Dance, Solo Singing, Group Dance, Personality Contest, Fashion Show, Face-off. These events are organised on a very large scale which has the guest appearances of Celebrities too.


The Sports events arr the most exciting events it includes Rink Football, Box Cricket and many more. It attracts most of the entries & its always filled with registrations. The event goes on all day long & its fun to watch sportmanship spirit. The special events send a jolly ride all over Bandra. The tresure hunt & snap shot events make the participants run all around the bush.


Dhinchak Mumbai Says.. This Year its gonna be a Dhinchak Dhamaka at AAKARSHAN 11

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