Sky Diving now at Aamby Valley City


Kasa kay Mumbai??? well, after watching Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara i am sure all of you must have planned some awesome adventure trips (Apne apne budget main..i am still saving money for my trip to matheran…damn! i am so broke :P). Adding to this list , Aamby Valley will now be a hot destination for all the adventure enthusiastic . From 15th December 2012 to 16th February 2013 Aamby Valley City will launch a 9 week sky diving event (yes! plane main se uddi marne ka.. lekin parachute pehen ke… under all safety guidelines :p that too near Mumbai) . The entire event will be conducted by the skydiving experts (Art Of Extreme) crew from spain (same people who trained Hrithik, Farhan & Abhay in ZNMD 😀 )


The two month long sky diving project will offer freefalling , flying up & parachute ride to landing with the help of a Tandem Master (Now what the heck is a tandem master??? tandem master is a person with whom you will be tied up and you can jump with him, he is a experienced person who will open the parachute on right time.. kyuki woh time pe tumhari toh fatti padi hogi 😛 ) Well , who better can promote this extreme sport than our Mantal the Bouy, The Flying The Sikhs, The New Milkha The Singhs… yeshhh.. Farhan Akhtar. Farhan was out there with his wife Adhuna and Producer Ritesh Sidhwani and yes, he had his tandem jump too.


All the people who wants to try sky diving, its finally here.. just 2 hours from Mumbai . So pack your bags (with some good money :P) and leave for Aamby valley . The rate card is not out yet, until it comes out, start saving your money if you really wanna jump out of a plane (or yell Push me!!! like farhan did in ZNMD :P) .    


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