Skater Boy AhoyYY

British pro-skater Nick Smith mentored the day-long stunt-packed skate-a-thon.

Those who are eager to glide through the city streets with skate boards under their feet, Saturdaythe21st  was the day to set aside and get their wheels a rolling. It was held at Bandra at carter road amphitheatre. The enthusiastic skate boarder gathered for a training session with the British pro skater Nick Smith and his two   fellow skateboarders followed by stunt-packed skate trail on carter road

The skate-a-thon was organized by the skateboarding and surfing brand “Quick Silver”. The stunts were totally magnificent and it grooved the audience very well. Generally the popular perception of the skate boarder is mostly that of rebellious 90’s punk rocker with weird hair and baggy pants, but Smith disapproves of the generalization. The major aim of Smith was to try and make the skate boarding available to all the enthusiastic skate boarders in India. The skate boarding is not only lifestyle choice but it is also an sovereign industry that supports the whole bunch of behind the scenes creative fields like photographers, film makers, editors and event people, among others.

It was also followed by the rock band which was outstanding. People were singing with them. The atmosphere was dazzling and marvelous. They got a standing ovation from everyone. The Band members enthralling performance left the people tapping their feet and grooving by the sea side.

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