Alchemy 2012 SIBM

SIBM,Bangalore Presents Alchemy 2012

Alchemy 2012 SIBM

Alchemy 2012

The Management Conclave of Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Bangalore.

Alchemy 2012 covers the ambit of the Marketing and Finance summits under the same roof. The two summits come together on the platform of Innovation- the underlying principle of the Alchemical process of creating gold from base metals. The resultant dénouement of this eclectic process is to become empowered and to empower our brethren.


To draw parallels in the corporate arena, the transformational process of Innovation empowers the business and the stakeholders alike. And in today’s emulous business world maintaining stakeholders is the barometer that indicates sustenance.  So how do companies innovate?



The solution to many a composite conundrum

Age-old in practice, yet copious

With myriad new-fangled ideas

Exposing the chinks of a one-size-fits-all camouflage.


Innovation in a context that best fits the relevant business context to garner mindshare. Organizations, to succeed in a highly competitive Indian footboard have had the pressing need to contrive with novelty in areas of their businesses that they are yet to master. In the realm of Indian businesses particularly, companies that have begun to ply with the Indian customers, have become the torchbearers of Indovation. And in Alchemy 2012, we will see how companies have been successful in indovating in their marketing mix.


Alchemy 2012 SIBM


From deficits to crisis, the financial world all over the globe is growing more and more uptight about the safety of its position, thanks to the increasing ambiguity and complexity that it brings along. The likes of Milken and Blythe Masters have broken the bubble of traditional models and solutions in finance. And to take forward their legacy, Finnovation has become quintessential for any entity to hedge its position. This has been witnessed as an amalgamation of new-age radicalism and financial solutions and models.



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