Farah, Shah Rukh and Boman

Shirin Farad ki tho Sachme Nikal Padi

Farah, Shah Rukh and Boman

Shirin farad ki tho sachme  nikal padi

Well when you say there is a story about a bra sales man you can be sure to get at least a few laughs, so I guess I don’t need to specify the fact that in SFKTNP Boman Irani plays a lingerie sales man and Farah Khan is one of his customers, hence this is a comedy (with a hint of romance) type film.

Ever since we first heard about Boman Irani and Farah Khan playing a lovey-dovey couple in Bela Sehgal Bhansali’s Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi, we felt that it would be a killer combination… ase laga ki abhi comedy movie ka asli maza ayega. But it was the theatrical trailer that convinced me that the film would be a laugh riot. At a promotional event yesterday the makers of Shirin Farhad… unveiled the new poster of the rom-com. It featured the leading pair posing like Shahrukh Khan and Kajol in DDLJ.

When we asked Farah Khan’s good friend Shahrukh Khan, who was there to launch the music of the film, how he felt when he saw this “bas ab yei din dekhna baki rehegya tha….hume laga ki har film ka Mazak udathe hai par iss film ka koi nahi udaega…It feels stunning. I never thought I would see these visuals again after 18-19 years.”

The new lovebirds in B-town were seen having a ball, pulling each other’s legs at the event. While Farah was cribbing about having to wear makeup during the shoot of SFKTNP, Boman was raving about his love for his co-star. The duo looked dapper in their KKHH avatars.

When we asked the director of the film Bela Sehgal Bhansali that what made her do this movie, Farah said “there were too many Punjabi films happening so we decided to do something different and since we have been part of the parsi community with many parsi friends, parsi school (Bengali girls high school) so we wanted to do this for them.” Well apart from the cast of the film and Shahrukh Khan we had the producer of the film Mr. Sanjay Leela Bhansali who…let’s just say was a man with few words.

Also when Shahrukh was asked that does he feel that Farah and Boman will be the new Raj and Simran??? He said “we always make films where two teenages fall in love, its time someone made a movie to show that love happens at all ages, that love has no age, no space, or time, it just happens.”  
Recently Farah was asked if she had any plans of making additions to the family. She said, “I don’t think even science can help me now. I have done my bit for the population of this country.”  But we just couldn’t help notice how Farah has lost weight…hmmm I guess Kareena has got some competition.



Every man’s dream: an adult life in the midst of bras and panties. One look at a woman, and he knows her size. Reality check: Farhad Pastakiya, a 45-year-old golden-hearted Parsi bachelor working as a bra and panty salesman, has never found love. The only women in his life are his dominating mother Nargis and doting grandmother Siloo. The world has given up on him, but Farhad has never given up hope. One day a 34B walks into his shop, and its love at first sight. Shirin Fugawala, a 40-year-old, bubbly, straightforward, Parsi trust secretary, is Farhad’s soul mate, but destiny intervenes in the form of a demolished water tank. All hell breaks loose as Frahad’s mother Nargis realizes that her son’s dream girl is her sworn enemy.


Seem intriguing. Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi laugh riot releases on 24th August 2012 at theatres near you.


Pictures by Sanah Suvarna




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