Sherlyn Chopra at the Playboy mansion

Sherlyn, Hugh’s latest Playmate!

Sherlyn Chopra at the Playboy mansion

Sherlyn, Hugh’s latest Playmate.

Now while we have Sunny leone back home ready to make her Bollywood debute and Poonam Pandey trying her best to be noticed somehow, we have Sherlyn Chopra who is roughing it out with the playboy himself Hugh Hefner.

Yep, she was at the Playboy Mansion.

The proof is in the tweets. Apart from posing alongside Hef who is perennially clad in a silk robe, Sherlyn also attended a July 4 pool party in a teeny-weeny bikini.

She’s been thoroughly bowled over by the world’s oldest bachelor. She called Hefner, ‘The most compassionate man on planet Earth!’ She also conceded that, ‘Even at 87, he knows how to be an effortless charmer!!!’ And thanks to him, she knows what ‘Dominos’ are.  

Sherlyn posted on twitter, “With Ava Fabian-a five time Playboy cover girl and my new BFF! With a sweetheart at the Mansion. M gonna miss all my playboy friends……never mind though,will be back soon! The one place I’m gonna miss the most at the Mansion is the dining area…Huge thanks to the entire staff!” It seems Poonam Pandey and Sunny Leone has some serious competition now.

It’s not surprising anymore when Sherlyn Chopra makes these bold statements.

And posing nude for the magazine cover is her claim to “new found fame”. Apparently this is what made her do something like this “Like Poonam Pandey I did post a suggestive nude picture on my birthday early this year. However, posting a nude picture on Twitter is not the same as being the first Indian on the cover of Playboy”. And there is more, “Stripping nude for an iconic adult magazine is no less than setting oneself free from rigid social conventions. I’m partially nude at home mostly. But then to expect worldwide recognition by being nude at one’s home would be foolishness”. OMG.!!!!

By now, it is a well-known fact that sleeping with Hugh Hefner, the porn magazine’s mogul, is an unofficial part of any Playmate’s contract. And going by that, there have been many humours around suggesting that our desi playmate had to do the same. A leading daily has quoted her as saying, “I did not sleep with Mr. Hefner. No one at the (Playboy) mansion has till date made an indecent proposal to me. I love my naked skin. Felt quite comfortable displaying my nakedness… that is all.”

While most girls are required to audition, Chopra nailed the deal in her first attempt itself. Sherlyn wasn’t asked to appear for an audition, thanks to the “faith” that Hefner had in her. Well, till something else is “uncovered”, let us wait and watch.



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