We are in the most fashionable month of the year, when the September issue of the best fashionista magazine releases, competing for maximum number of pages and the fashion weeks flock in with the trend setting resolutions for the upcoming season. Don’t worry if you haven’t picked up your copy yet, we are here to take care of it.

   As rightly said September is the January of fashion… it is time to set the fashion resolutions and revolution for your closet. It’s time to step in those classic vintage boots and flaunt those tick tock high heels and coats which you otherwise refrain wearing in spring and autumn! But guys for we Mumbaikars there’s still time to pick up our favourite jackets off the ramp and glamorize our wardrobes. Considering the Mumbai ki garmi and of course the prolonged monsoons till the end of September, you can pick your favourites and decide what’s in for the season.

   So apart from the Vouges, Elles, Bazaars,Grazias and of course my favourite Cosmopolitan (guys don’t worry you have GQ, Men’s Fashion and Details to your rescue .. if not, main hu na).

   You can also keep track of the ongoing back to back international  fashion weeks with New York Fashion Week from 5th-12th September followed by the empire city London Fashion Week from 13th-20th September and the Milan Fashion Week in between from 18th-23rd September and then comes the city of our fashion capital ..where people walk, talk eat and sip fashion !Yes you guessed it right!! The Paris Fashion Week from 24th September-2nd October!


While New York focuses on commerciality we are bound to see more artistic, innovative and iconic trends in the upcoming later Fashion Weeks.


   As Anna Wintour says it “Fashion’s not about looking back, it’s always about looking forward”! You can’t predict the future but you can definitely forecast your own trend and be the trend than following the trend! So just Wake up before September ends. Keep dhinchaking and STAY  STYLISH.

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