Saregama meet and greet with Sunny Leone

 Saregama meet and greet with Sunny Leone

Whenever you think of a perfect Indian sex symbol, Now an International Celebrity.. which is the name which comes to your mind? Most of us would whisper the name SUNNY LEONE.

Sunny Leone, One of the big names in porn film industry is creating quite the buzz in the Indian film industry (sada wali)

Indian music company SAREGAMA recently signed Sunny to give their customer access to her ‘rich’ content :). Speaking on the occasion SUNNY said that overall experience leaving in India and shooting was amazing and she is very happy with the response she has received. Although not that well versed in hindi, she said in one line “Bahut acha lag raha hai”.



Sunny is already a big brand in India, Besides SAREGAMA quite a few other companies are waiting in the pipeline to make her as a brand ambassador. Her arrival  in BOLLYWOOD is a good sign as the audience have got same new flavor in our recipe of movies. And with Jism 2 creating waves it looks like she is here to stay ..or atleast that is what most of us guys are hoping 😉


Pictures by Yashoda Latkar


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