Sanjay Dutt unveiling the “GHOST”

Debutante director Puja Jatinder Bedi, the co-producer for films such as “Mangal Pandey”, “Saathiya”, “The Myth”, and “Maqbool” is working on completing and releasing an ode to horror – Ghost – an original love story that is brutal as hell. The film stars Shiney Ahuja as a detective and Sayali Bhagat in stellar roles. She is the first person to cast Shiney Ahuja after his court case and also the first to release his film.  The first-ever truly gory film is an extraordinary depiction for the first time ever in the horror genre of the battle of mystical forces led by angelic powers slaughtering evils for payback.  Sharib -Toshi, the vibrant duo have a fondness for extracting rock soundtrack that promises that the composer duo has gone the whole hog to make the ‘Ghost ’.


The five songs include ‘Aaja Khatam Sabr kar de’ sung by Sunidhi Chauhan is the most sensual and sexy track and reminds you of Helen of yesteryears. The rock track is also on an equal footing with Shiney into song “Kahan Hai Tu” sung by Sharib Sabri.   Another track is ‘Salaame’ which ispeppy and hummable by Shaan sung, Jalwanuma sung by Toshi Sabri is a soft romantic track with Arabic guitar, Finally Dil ke liye is sound like a big track sung by Javed Ali.


Mr Ajay Kapoor of t-series was ecstatic to hear the music. Music is released by T Series.


Puja Bedi’s film has God and Devil, represented by an immortal spirit, battling each other. It urges the youth to link to their Power within. Portrayed in the most dangerous encounters between good and evil, audiences will experience for the first time in Indian Cinema the most spine-chilling brutal butchering. In the horror space an outstanding amount of accomplishment in terms of ghost make up, eyes. Formation of bats, files, beetles etc. Another first will be that the film wisely incorporates and adapts some chapters from the Bible.


 The film stars Shiney Ahuja as a detective and Sayali Bhagat in stellar roles whereas the lead character of Ghost is played by a Russian actress Julia Bliss. A gymnast was chosen for the role as a lead actress because of the stunts involved. The Indian film industry will see an acrobatic ghost for the first time ever.


 The prosthetic make up was done by experts and it took them hours to complete it and when they finished they were scared of their own handiwork. The crucifixion scene was so real and hard hitting that it sent shivers running down the spines of the cast and crew. Viewers will need a strong heart to watch this scary film.  In fact, while watching the rushes, a crew member fainted and several crew members complained of being unable to sleep.  They complained of seeing Mary’s face again and again and it scared them.


 The Prosthetic Make Up with Anil Pemgirikar masks was done and each ghost get up used to take 3-4 hours per day. Anil dada would have at least 4-5 ghost get ups ready. Other characters in film such as the ward boy had their nose and face fully done with prosthetic. A veteran in the line of prosthetic Anil dada had the back up from the German based Kryolan make up who had sponsored the prosthetics given the theme of the film

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