Salman Khan – Just Being Human

Salman Khan – Just Being Human




The biggies and the superstars are known to charge heavy amounts for signing endorsement deals. But now, if you would like to have Salman Khan to promote your brands on TV, the actor seems to be asking all the brands approaching him with an endorsement deal to support his charity Being Human, either financially or otherwise. The latest in the bag is the deal he has signed with a multinational Cola giant.


The latest and the biggest move so far is Salman’s endorsement agreement with Coca Cola India for one of its brands. The company has also signed an agreement with Being Human- Salman Khan Foundation to jointly promote and execute charitable and social activities. If sources are to be believed, Salman said ‘I am excited about this association. The two organizations will work together on community welfare projects.’ Under the agreement, the cola giant will work with Salman’s foundation to promote career-development centres, education programmes and other projects. This will be the second time that Salman endorses the same brand; the first time was in 2008. Salman has been known for his kind-heartedness and love for the poor since long but this brave move of his well appreciated.


Next on Salman’s agenda is to help the foundation through his films. Salman Khan’s Being Human Productions made the 2011 Chillar Party. He now plans to produce Hindi remakes of two Marathi hits- Shikshanachya Aaicha gho (2010) and Me Shivajiraje Bhosale Boltoy (2009). An insider said ‘Salman wants to produce the remakes under the foundation’s banner. He hasn’t had the time to plan things out yet, but it’s in the pipeline.’


Salman has been one of the foremost players in the film fraternity to help the needy, the poor specially the kids. There had many accounts of Salman’s generosity and benevolence. Salman once said ‘I don’t have a huge staff for Being Human, so whenever I can help anybody, I try to do my best. If anyone wants to donate, they are, of course, most welcome to do so.’ Well at the end we could only say, hats off to your efforts Salman. 😀



(Image courtesy:, BeingHumanOnline)

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