Saadda Haq Rocks Mumbai

“Tum Logo Ki Is Duniya Mei..Har Kadam Pe Insaan Galat…Mei Sahi Samajh Ke Jo Bhi Karun..Tum Kehte Ho Galat..Mei Galat Hun To Phir Kaun Sahi..Marzi Se Jine Ke Bhi Mei..Kya Du Sabko Marzi Dun..Matlab Ki Dhun Sab Ka Mujhpe..Mujse Bhi Jyada Haq Hai …Sadda Haq, Athe Rakh” imagine this lines being sung by 2500 people along with ranbir kapoor and his supercool black guitar. This was the scene at the rockstar concert in Mumbai on 1 November 2011.


Team Rockstar is very busy promoting the movie in each and every corner of the country. The channels and newspapers are flooded with events done in order to promote the movie. This was one of the events to promote the movie, where the entire starcast except the director Imtiaz Ali, along with music director A.R.Rehman and singers Mohit Chauhan , Harshdeep Kaur and Javed Ali performed some of the songs from the upcoming movie. The show started with ranbir kapoor’s dialogues from the movie (which I could not hear properly coz of the girls around me shouting “Ranbir I love u,in the highest volume possible)

The passes for the concert were available only to limited people. So there was a huge crowd outside the gate waiting to get inside desperately. I saw certain people selling away passes at Rs.300 (it reminded me of navratri , as if I just have to go inside and start playing garba :p . Luckily I didn’t see anyone with dandiya sticks and flashy kurtas and choli) ‘Kun faya’ performed by A.R.Rehman along with Javed Ali and Mohit Chauhan was a blessing to the entire crowd. Such a harmonious and peaceful composition and to hear that live is something out of this world which you cannot express. Followed by this was Harshdeep Kaur’s ‘Katiyan karu’ which uplifted the mood and made it very lively. Mohit Chauhan and A.R.Rehman sung ‘Nadaan Parindey’ along with Ranbir kapoor , this time in a total rockstar avatar . Nagris fakri and Ranbir performed on ‘Aur ho’ with typical laila-majnu theme dance, but it was good. Last but not least, the youth anthem which every youngster is singing these days – Sada Haq(Btw did u guys checked some latest joke on Sada haq??? The school kid and teacher wala..???its really funny) It was an experience to be amongst a huge crowd yelling sada haq in proper sync with the music. Ranbir even threw away his jacket like a rockstar and one lucky kid Dohaan(11) got this jacket and after the event he was a celebrity with many people clicking his pictures. (Many people means hot girls , damn it ! I wish I could have caught that one )


But one thing which disappointed many people is the concert was not planned properly. Singers forgot the lyrics in middle of the songs; even A.R.Rehman goofed up in ‘Nadaan Parindey’. The reason behind this could be lack of practice or stress, but somehow it did get noticed. But you guys don’t worry it will be very well doctored and shown on a television channel very soon.


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