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Rowdy Rathore @ Mumbai Mall

Chanting in unison”Akshay ! Akshay ! and Sonakshi, Sonakshi!” hundreds of fans lined up at the Raghullela Mall in Mumbai on Tuesday noon to catch a glimpse of the two Bollywood top stars who arrived there their much awaited “Rowdy Rathore”.
The jostling fans lined up on either side of the barricades on the floors of the mall, blocking nearly all escalators and other ways of moneuvering in the shopping arcade.
The duo were present along with CID cast and crew comprising Shivaji Satam  alias ACP Pradyumn,Dayanand Shettty alias Daya ,Dinesh Phadnis alias Fredrick ,Jasveer Kaur alias Kajal and Vivek V Meshru alias Vivek.
Today promotion and marketing are critical components to the success of any film ;these factors that can spell the difference between success and failure,boom or bust. Quality per se doesn’t seem to carry much weight as clearly demonstrated by the sad showing of many class films.

Talking to media Akshay said that “TV is very important. Today, it is wrong to call television small. Television is a huge medium and it has a bigger reach than film”.
When asked why he chose CID, one of  longest running show on TV to promote the film Akshay said, “Because it is a very famous show and it is a good show.”
The lead actress of “Rowdy Rathore” Sonakshi too feels that the show has a very wide reach “I have a lot of friends who watch this show together and ACP Pradyuman (Shivaji Satam) is very famous.the 24 year old said.
Akshay was seen doing some stunts in the shopping mall in the promotional event.
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