RIP King Uncle

Mumbai we are very sad to tell you that our dear #KingUncle who manned the signal at King Circle passed away yesterday morning. He spent his Diwali and new year with his entire family but still he contributed his last few hours  to handle the traffic at his signal. I remember how I took the 1st interview of King Uncle and he was a very sporty to answer all my questions while handling his work. I have never come across such a bright and positive yet very strict personality in my life.Even when leaving India, i remember talking to him last time on phone , he told me, “no matter wherever you go, don’t stop contributing to this society. It has given you everything, you could just do your small part and try to honour that.” He always advised everyone to follow traffic rules, these are meant for us not for cops or government to earn revenue by collecting fine. When the system and the process failed to manage traffic, King Uncle took a step to manage the signal by cutting his time, which he spent with his grand children in the park. Many people abused him, showed him fingers but still he stood there without any expectations just for people like you and me.  Here is the documentary which is shot by BMM students of  Ruia College. May be this would be the last time we could ever see this great King Uncle.

We at Dhinchak Mumbai along with entire Mumbai and Mumbaikars would like to offer our deepest condolences to the Family of King Uncle . God bless this noble soul.. #RIPKingUncle


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