pranva bf gig

Reverrse Polarity @ Blue Frog!!!


pranva bf gig



What a way to kick-start the ninth month of the year. If you were present at the Blue Frog on Sunday night, you would agree with everything that I just said. Aamchi Mumbai’s very own Reverrse Polarity launched their album amidst the presence of all their fans and supporters.


‘Reverrse Polarity’ who?  Come on guys,  you can’t seem to have  forgotten them ? Does ‘Johny H*rny’..! ring a bell? If you’re still wondering, then let me give ye Polarity won Channel V’s Launch Pad in 2009. Their last dhinchak performance was at ‘Independence Rock’. After a hiatus from the scene for a prolonged period of time, this album launch was definitely their big bang entry to the scene.


How was the night? I still have a hangover. Define toh kar hi liya ab. It was a truly metal treat, and I am quite sure, around 400-500 people who were present there, their story will be just the same.


The amazing line-up for the night was sure to keep you waiting at the Frog till the wee hours. From the young and energetic ‘Anthracite’, to the ever entertaining “petrichor’ to the popular “Goddess Gagged’, they were all there to support Reverrse Polarity.


How was the album? We will tell you soon

Watch this space for more.


With Photographer: Pranav Joshi

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