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An 11 member strong team, went out there at the iconic SCG stadium this morning. After some smashing victories, they walk in to one match that the world considered the big FINALS.

A wave of blue swept through the audience, offices were shut, trains ran empty, all for the love of cricket!

But then those hours went by, wickets dropped and one team emerged glorious. No, it wasn’t us this time. Luck favored the Aussies.

So what do we do after that? Go ahead, start blaming, bitching, mocking. Aise sab baat karne lage jaise khud hi bade cricket experts ho.

Just FYI, that man leading the team out there and those men in blue haven’t seen their families or had a break in months. Captain Cool had a baby in February, and no surprises for guessing, he hasn’t seen the new born Ziva as yet.

When asked in a press conference. MSD went on record to state that he was on ‘National Duty’, everything else could wait. But NO, we want to f*cking call him names.


A popular news channel goes on to create a headline out of the match, quite evidently calling the discussion #IndiaShamed. It was a game after all, how many rape instances, murders, domestic violence and abuse cases have we covered and used a headline like that for ? None right?

So why suddenly single out on the Indian cricket team? I have been a cricket enthusiast and I am not shamed. I am disappointed that we lost our chances of retaining the world cup. But like MSD put it, ‘The World Cup was never ours. We took it from someone. Someone will take it from us.’

Here’s to the enormous victory we achieved at the 2015 World Cup. Our love for cricket doesn’t end here, for us the game has just begun.

Oh and here’s some more #Respect



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