RLSS,JUBLA and Eye N Camera presents ‘Rescue INDIA 2012’

National Ocean and Beach Lifesaving Championships


Rashtriya Life Saving Society (India), RLSS (I), speardheading a movement which educates the masses on the need to be safe on land and in water. Lifesaving Sports are unique, since they are the only sports in which the skills are first learnt for the humanitarian purpose of saving a life and only then applied to competitions in the ocean or in swimming pool. Lifesaving sports are meant to promote the concept of lifesaving amongst the youth and involve them into the lifesaving movement. To further this cause and promote lifesaving as a sport in India, the Society had organized ‘Rescue INDIA 2012 National Ocean and Beach Lifesaving Championships’ held in Juhu Beach, Mumbai from 19th -20th May 2012. This sports event ,held annually, to enchance lifesaving skills in a sporting environment , was organized by Rashtriya Life Saving Society(India) and Juhu Beach Lifeguard Association (JUBLA). JUBLA is affiliated to RLSS (I) and is focused towards providing voluntary beach lifeguard service on Juhu Beach .In the past ,JUBLA has been credited to have saved numerous lives and for its meritorious role in providing a water safety to amused locals during the grounding of the merchant ship MV Wisdom. In partnership with RLSS (I) , JUBLA aim to spread this effort across the stat of Maharashtra.






‘Rescue India 2011’ comprised of the following events:

Surf Race, Taplin Relay, Rescue Board Race, Rescue Tube Rescue, Beach Run -1 km, Swim Run, Beach Sprint-90m., Ironman/Ironwoman, Bach Flags, Beach Relay, Rescue Board Rescue, CPR competition.


These events also served as the selections for the Indian team to represent the Nation at ‘Rescue 2012’ National Ocean Beach Lifesaving Championships have the approval of the International Lifesaving Federation and Royal Life SAVING Society (Commonwealth).The International Life Saving Federation is officially recognized and affiliated to the International Olympic Committee for the conduct of lifesaving sports internationally.


Participation in large numbers by atheletes ensured that ‘Rescue INDIA 2012’ became a grand success and helped increase the enthusiasm in Lifesaving Sports.



Pictures By Gunjan Malhotra

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