Rendezvous with M.F.Hussain.(A Story of a small girl ,and a big artist..)

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be at an airport killing time while being watched by M.F. Hussain?If you don’t; then you have to read this.


On the death of this great Icon, here is one Dhinchak Mumbaikar recollecting her story with this great artist.



Seventeen years back, when Sharon Flynn was just 4years old she got the chance to meet the history itself. It happened like this, she was standing with her parents on the busy airport of Delhi. The flight there got delayed and to kill time she opened up her diary and started scribbling .Little dis she know was that she was observed by someone.


After sometime, M.F.Hussain walked to them started chatting with her mom and then he tapped Sharon’s shoulder and asked her name. When she replied he took the diary in which Sharon was scribbling, drew a picture and than autographed it. This incident is indeed a small one but it does have bigger effect. Well she is now proud owners of his autograph and of course his attention which thousands of them were craving to get. She thinks that it was his artistic nature which made him observe her in the crowd.


Now this shows his arty eye and his passion for paintings. Anyone can seek his attention be it an Indian actresses or this tiny girl holding her diary on the airport. And anything can be his muse; from ‘’Mother Teressa’’ to ‘’Gaja Gamini’’. It seems like he was made up of creativity and he knew no other language other than Art. His demise is indeed a loss not just to our country or to the artistic world where he belonged, but to everyone who was inspired by his passion.


Sharon Flynn isn’t an artist but I am sure there are many tiny Sharons there who would probably think of taking up an art if they would have got his autograph.


Well now at 21years Sharon is still bemused by this incident (who won’t be?). She still has that autograph and his tiny drawing. But more than everything she has her own haze but sweet memory of M.F.Hussain smiling at her. Now for me that is above all, for she has something charming to cherish and an happening on which she can smile on.(Doesn’t that speaks all?)


Well so here is ma little advice to all of you…Next time you are at the busy airport, don’t just sit and hatch eggs instead carry a small diary and start scribbling…who knows may be even you would be a focus of an artist…And even you could turn out to be lucky to have a sugary  Rendezvous just like


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