R.A.I.T Horizon’11

So for all those who felt RAIT college, Nerul is a bit too far away to reach, you guys have missed an awesome experience. With a huge campus surrounded by the hills of News Bombay and large crowds Horizon 2011 was fun fun fun!!!! An excellent open air stage having a Desi rock competition (Goonj) as well as an English rock competition (Unchained) that brought forth wonderful talent. It was entertaining sitting on the grass checking out gags and whacky stuff at the informals event stage. With the firing away at the paintball arena and power packed games by the techies at the Lan gaming Horizon 2011 also saw a excellent entries in the Agog a short film contest as well as Last Click a photography event. But then to steal the show was the dance (Footloose) and fashion show events that had an over packed auditorium with mind blowing performances. With an awesome performance by 360 degree bike crew all I can say is Horizon 2011 truly reached new horizons!!


Photographs by Keyur Mehta & Kashif Chilmai

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